October 12

Freethought Day


They were just biding their time.

This day, in 1692, marked the official end of the Salem Witch Trials.  The Salem community had fallen into a chaos of pointed fingers, a hysteria of impossible claims supported by non-existent “spectral” evidence.

She cursed me by sticking pins in a poppet made from my fingernails and locks of my hair.

He’s hurting me now [the witness screams, falls and begins on the floor].  His evil eye!  Make him close it!

Such foolishness ended as accusations reached too high in the community.  Patriarchs would no longer be at the mercy of young girls and their skills at playacting.

In modern days, some communities celebrate the anniversary as Freethought Day, marking the triumph of reason over superstition.

But the end of the Trials 325 years ago didn’t actually mark the end of witches.  It only meant people has stopped looking for them.

Unaccused for 325 years, they had time to gather more recruits, make more poppets, wink more dark energy through their evil eyes.

And in that time, they developed spells far more powerful than the nuclear and biological weapons we feared might destroy our world.

They were just biding their time…until today.