November 28

National Day of Giving


After the day designated for Thanksgiving, after days you might formerly have devoted to shopping, it would be nice to dedicate a day towards helping those who were less fortunate.

You remember how you used to post on MyFace about which charity you selected for each year’s #GivingDay donation.  Sometimes you worked with national organizations  — Salvation This, or March of That.  A medical cause was always worthy — Find a Cure for Whatsis.

Some years you kept your giving closer to home, providing funds for a local orphanage or homeless shelter.  One year, you contributed to a Community Center that offered wholesome afterschool activities for the city’s at-risk youth.

The Community Center was destroyed last month.  You have no way to contact any national charity organizations, if they still exist.

Honestly, if they do exist, they should be giving you help rather than vice versa.

Because other local assistance programs have gone the way of the Community Center.  You could definitely benefit from a homeless shelter, since you can’t remember the last time you slept in a bed.  Maybe you’d be a candidate for an orphanage, too — considering you’ve essentially been orphaned from the rest of humanity.

As for medical causes, you’re pretty sure you have Whatsis, and could really use a cure right about now.