November 19

World Toilet Day


A cranky old man sits on a park bench and complains about how the world has fallen apart:

“Manners were the first to go.

“Hygiene followed a close second.

“We used to have a saying:  ‘Don’t poop where you eat.’  Since we’re not doing that much eating these days, most folks stopped caring about where they did their business.

“These same kids who used to have a fit about a tiny chihuahua turd on the sidewalk, the environmental do-gooders who’d chase you down shaking a plastic bag and shouting ‘clean up after your pet’…Well, these same kids are leaving their own steamin’ prizes right outside my door.

“Bad enough when we had those nuke-u-lar bombs dropping all around, with threats of deadly radiation.  These days when I open the window, I smell a different kind of bomb.

“Here’s some irony for you:  To raise awareness about global sanitation issues, we used to call today World Toilet Day.

“Now, the whole world’s a toilet.”