March 9

1959 — Barbie doll introduced at The American International Toy Fair




New York City, NY, March 9, 2017 — Today at the annual US Toy & Game Expo, Apocalypse Toyshop, Inc., will debut its new line of realistic dolls and accessories.

Apocalypse Toyshop operates under the philosophy that todays young girls need realistic toys and images to prepare them for our changing world, CEO Kerry Allison explained.  Previous generations played with slim-figured, perfect-looking dolls, which created unfair expectations.  Children could never grow up to have bodies with the same proportions as their dolls.

In response, Apocalypse Toyshop today introduces Endtimes Emily (TM), with a stockier figure perfectly proportioned to fight her way to survival.  Instead of high-fashion outfits, her self-made garments emphasis protection — from extreme weather, and from cannibal mutants that attempt to break into her home.

Speaking of home, Ms. Allison continues, Endtimes Emily wont have a Fantasy House or Luxury RV.  Shell have a cement-reinforced one-room bunker, with a food closet, weapons trunk, and escape hatch.  Shell also have her own nuclear clock, which is equipped with a convenient snooze button.

As with most toy lines, Endtimes Emily will have an available assortment of companions on release day: Radioactive Rosie, complete with realistic scarring; Dementia Dave; and Humphrey, the hairless, three-legged pooch.  Of course, this is our one concession to fantasy, the CEO admits.  In real-life, all of Emilys family and friends will have died horribly. 

Look for more companions and accessories to be added in the future…if there is one.



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