June 30

Halfway There


You’ve had bad years before, but never like this.

There was that year after graduation, when you took a life-long job that somehow ended before the month was out.  That same year, you lost Frisky to feline leukemia, and your grandmother got really sick.

At one point you thought, at least things can’t get worse.

Then there was that other year, with a hurtful break-up on Valentine’s Day, and the routine doctor visit that put you in the hospital for most of April.

This is the worst year ever, you thought at the end of June.  At least it’s half over.

It’s natural to feel that bad luck spreads itself in portions, respecting the calendar: a terrible year is followed by one that brings riches and happiness;  and the worst year, bad as it is, will eventually run out of days.

You want to apply that logic to the current year — the year of the apocalypse.  After floods and fires and wars, after all the buildings have crumbled, after food and drink grew scarce and the few survivors turned on each other…you tell yourself, things can’t possibly get worse.

We’ve reached the halfway point.  The world must be running out of tragedies.