June 27

Siebenschläfertag  (Seven Sleepers’ Day)


In German weather lore, the climate on Seven Sleepers’ Day predicts the next seven weeks of weather.

So, as a thought experiment:

If a hurricane were to hit on June 27, that would predict seven weeks of property-damaging gusts to follow.

If flooding occurred on June 27 — from heavy rains, from overflowing river banks — the world would be flooded each subsequent day, 9 additional days and nights than the deluge waters that tossed Biblical Noah’s ark.

If a tornado were to touch down on June 27, the finger of God drilling through villages, tearing paths of damage through fields…would that predict new funnel clouds in days ahead, to score the earth with misery?

And what if, on June 27, the hurricane and flood and tornado converged — joined by hail and lightning and, for good measure, a plague of locusts.  If the lore is correct, all those combined disturbances would recur for seven full weeks, creating the weather event to end all weather events.

The sky grows dark.  A crackle of electricity sparks through the air; a freight train rush of wind rumbles closer.  Icy rocks begin to drop from above; a cloud begins to rotate, and a strange dark tentacle stretches slowly toward the ground.  You hear a buzzing in the distance, and another dark cloud splits apart as if alive.

You never believed in the weather lore, the old wives’ tales.  All you need is to survive today’s impossible events.

You’re optimistic that the next seven weeks will bring calm, clear skies, and rebuilding.