June 22

2013 — Apocalypse training modules first introduced by an independent research firm


Warning:  You have not yet completed your Apocalypse Training Module.  You will not be prepared to survive a <fill in> apocalypse without full completion of this module.

Trigger Notice:  In order to adequately describe the challenges in a <fill in> apocalypse, we must present scenarios that may cause trigger reactions in certain individuals.  If you suspect that a depicted scenario will cause an emotional trigger, you may choose to skip that scenario — however, when the event recurs in real life, you likely won’t have the “skip” option, and you will probably miss a few questions on the end-of-module quiz.

Module #5:  <Asteroid> Apocalypse

Slide 1:  Our planet has been struck by an asteroid before, and it could happen again.

Slide 2:  Scientists tell us not to worry.  They say that most small fragments burn up in our atmosphere before they reach the ground.  The odds of a significant asteroid strike are slight, they say.  But are they right?

Slide 3:  Some scientists have theorized that an asteroid strike could affect the Earth’s orbit, driving it farther from the Sun and causing catastrophic drops in temperature.  In addition, the massive impact crater could produce multiple earthquakes.

Slide 4:  In this first scenario, we will show you one possible aftermath of an asteroid strike.  Please click on the drop down menu, and select the name of the large city nearest to your home.

<Click city name> or <Click to skip this scenario>

Intermediate Slide:  You have chosen to skip the scenario.  Please continue the module to learn possible strategies for surviving the asteroid strike.

<Click to continue> or <Click to resume at a later time>

Logout Slide:  You have chosen to suspend this Apocalypse Training Module.  When you next sign in, you can resume from the point where you left off.




You turn off the computer.  There will be time, you hope, to finish this module.  You’re at Module #5, having already completed the Wildfire, Flood, Black Plague, and Tornado Modules.  There’s three dozen in the series, and the company promises more to follow.

The Apocalypse Training Modules have taught you a lot of survival tips.  Tonight, you will dream of your planet, innocent in its predictable orbit…while large debris hurtles through space, seeking a target.