June 21

International Day of Yoga


Let’s meditate on the apocalypse…

Are there breathing exercises that would help in this time of stress…when half your family is dead, and the other half is starving?

Is there a phrase you could utter, repeated syllables to focus healing energies…that could un-drop bombs on your city, or by force of will cause ruined buildings to reassemble?

Is there a pose you could hold, enacting a calming unity of mind and body…that could also protect your brain from hungry zombies?

And what about a pose based on trees, your legs firm and connecting with the earth below?  Or poses named after the fiery sun, or the phases of the moon, expanding your mind, connecting you to the vast universe?

The time for meditation is over.  Exercises that calm the mind and body are no longer practical.

Since the apocalypse, only one exercise has kept you going:  Mindless running.