January 9

Broken Resolution Day

A national survey once determined that January 9th was the date when, on average, people typically gave up on their New Years’ resolutions.  They stopped regular exercise, abandoned low-calorie diets, resumed spreading gossip about co-workers.

In your cynical view of human nature, you would have considered the date should be much earlier.  Maybe even January 2nd.

Or maybe never making New Years’ resolutions at all.

In a post-apocalyptic world, survival required tremendous willpower.  So you actually tried to make serious New Years’ resolutions, and vowed to stick to them.

Many of the items high on your list would be equally admirable in less-troubled times:

 – I resolve to conserve water.

 – I resolve never to steal food from another person.

Others items were modified to fit the current world:

I resolve never to sleep in an unsecured area.

 – When the situation permits, I resolve to help others.

And some resolutions were entirely new, and particularly important:

I resolve to collect any weapons necessary to secure my safety.

 – I will never harm or kill an unarmed person.

 – I will never eat a human corpse.

Those important resolutions were, of course, all connected.  You realize that the long-ago survey was correct.  January 9th is your Broken Resolution Day.