January 8

International Typing Day


The idea for Typing Day originated in Malaysia, coinciding with a national “speed typing” context.  The date of January 8 was important, because it occurred one week into the new year, a time when reflection about upcoming goals should be encouraged–and such goals could best be expressed and shared in written form.

Imagine everyone typing at once, the click of fingers on a computer keypad, fingertips swiping across virtual letters on a phone or tablet screen.  Communication among people is always good.

You stand in massive auditorium with rows of tables and chairs.  Every seat is filled.  Among the crowd, you are the only one without a typing device.

Speed typing is especially frantic.  The clicks are furious, like machine guns.  Accuracy counts in the final score, so each typist is nervous about making a mistake–which requires intense concentration.

The frantic clicks seem too rapid.  You are afraid the sounds are speeding up your heartbeat.  One nearby typist has initiated an app that mimics the sound of an old-fashioned typewriter–metal keys striking hard against paper and platen.  It drowns out your voice as you ask for help.
The taps seem to strike at your body.  Bee stings.  A riddle of bullets.

The typists continue.  Suddenly you worry about them, instead of about yourself.  They keep typing, without pausing to reflect on what they’ve written…

Without pausing to read what others have written.

A series of opaque domes begin to lower from the ceiling.  You warn the typists to move aside, but they ignore you.   Each dome perfectly covers a single table and chair, isolating each typist.

Slightly muffled, frantic keypad clicks continue from beneath the sealed domes.