January 24

Operation Morning Light


They sent the children into the fields, into the forest, to search.

Did you see the wonders yesterday, after twilight?  Not a mushroom cloud, like in your drawings at school.  More like a flower with petals of fire, opening in the night sky.

Many years ago, this happened on a smaller scale.  Kosmos 954, a Soviet satellite, strayed from its orbit and burned up in Earths atmosphere.  Pieces of debris fell over Canada.  Some fragments glowed with radioactivity, and the men and women of Operation Morning Light wore special suits to protect them from damage.

We dont have suits like that anymore, unfortunately.  But these chunks of debris arent as serious, we dont think.  They are special; they are like collectors items.

Each piece of debris is worth a few squares of chocolate.  Gather the fragments, and carry them quickly to the cement building at the edge of town.  Leave them there, and wait for us.  We will come soon with your reward.

They sent the children into the field, into the forest, to search.