February 16

1968 — First 9-1-1 Emergency Phone Call, in Haleyville, Alabama


Dispatcher:  911.  Please state the nature of your emergency.

Caller: Been trying to get through for almost an hour.


Dispatcher: Ma’am, I apologize.  Lines have been busy today.  What is your emergency?

Caller: Well, it was an emergency an hour ago.  Had to take care of it while I waited.  It’s a bit of a mess.


Dispatcher: Do you need an ambulance? fire department? police?

Caller:  Guess you’d call it a clean-up situation at the moment.  Lot of blood.


Dispatcher: Whose blood?  Does the other party need assistance?

Caller: Little late for that, as I said.  [Sound of effort, dragging a heavy object].  Kitchen knife, but he followed me into the den.  The carpet…


Dispatcher:  You’re calling from the Causey residence, is that correct?

Caller:  Yes, I’m Mrs. Causey. Am I still ‘Mrs.’?  It was a domestic dispute.  Domestic.  It’s settled now.  I’d spent so much time on hold, I didn’t want to hang up.  You work at something for so long, you kinda —


Dispatcher:  Mrs. Causey, did you do something to your husband?

Mrs. Causey:  It was a reaction.  He threatened me.  Threatened me while you kept me waiting, too.  Maybe you got it on some recording there — could use it for evidence.  [Sound of dragging resumes.]


Dispatcher:  Mrs. Causey, are you moving the body?  Step away from the body.  Don’t touch any of the fluids.

Mrs. Causey:  Well, I could hardly avoid that.  It’s everywhere.


Dispatcher:  I’m sending someone now.  Is your husband breathing?

Mrs. Causey:  No more, he isn’t. [Groans.]


Dispatcher:  Stay calm, Mrs. Causey.  Don’t do anything more until help arrive.

Mrs. Causey:  [Groans.]  That’s not me.  He’s moving.  Oh, God, he’s moving.


Dispatcher:  Try to keep him still.  They’re about five minutes away.

Mrs. Causey:  Still?  He was already still.  [Groans.]  Arthur?  Stay down!  [Drops phone.  Banging sound.]  Stay the [unintelligible] down!


Dispatcher:  [speaking over heavy thumps and crashes in the background]  Mrs. Causey?  Mrs. Causey?  Tell me what’s happening.

Mrs. Causey: [shouting at dropped phone]  He rose up.  How could that have happened?


Dispatcher:  Please try to stay calm.  Help is on the way.

Mrs. Causey:  If only you’d [unintelligible] my call sooner. You made me do it twice!  You made me kill my husband twice!


[9-1-1 Transcript, First recorded call of the Zombie Apocalypse]