December 4

The Manifestation (Part 3)


All five of the observers recognized the man Hilliard jokingly referred to as Ozzy. His was the name each consulted source had mentioned in a dark, respectful whisper — a clear choice to lead the ritual. Watkins thought of him only as “The Creep.” He kept a printout reference sheet for all thirteen subjects, but he hadn’t bothered to connect their names to their faces. When this was finished, Watkins wanted nothing to do with them. The Creep could someday write a chapter detailing how he once helped the government with a secret ceremony. Nobody would believe him: the subjects had all been blindfolded, didn’t know where they were. They couldn’t prove this any more than they could prove a dream.

Watkins had organized the gathering. Although not a highly ranked officer, he gained respect for his ability to coordinate a sanctioned event quickly and discretely. He had compiled a list of names from online research, agent consultations, and study of classified documents. He interviewed each subject, then brought them here separately via private jet or helicopter.

Carlson, the scholar, helped secure some of the documents, including the leather‑bound book that eleven of the thirteen had argued couldn’t actually exist. He’d led the subjects in an intense workshop to reach consensus on the rituals, then collated the opinions into a ceremony. Demonic summoning by committee. Watkins got the impression that Carlson was, like himself, a skeptic. He approached the varied practices with a purely academic interest.

Hilliard, overweight with the arrogance of technological expertise, acted as if he ran the show from his seat at the control panel. They tolerated his jokes because he had knowledge they needed.

Commander Myers supervised in the background. Wiry thin with horn‑rimmed glasses and gray hair, he seemed the parody of a frail businessman. Until you heard him speak, his voice firm and assertive, reinforced by the determined stare of a true leader.

And Deitrich. Deitrich was here because he’s the one who had the brilliant idea:




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