December 26

National Thank-You Note Day


To a Kind Stranger,


I know “Thank You” notes have become a rare formality in this day and age.

People fell into the habit of making a quick phone call or sending a text, didn’t they?

The only time I imagined I’d be sending Thank You cards would be to show appreciation for my wedding gifts.  But I never got married.  I don’t imagine that’s ever going to happen now.

Some organization or other, probably the greeting card folks, decided to designate December 26 as National Thank-You Note Day.  The idea was to thank all the people who gave you Christmas gifts — or gifts for whatever seasonal holiday you practiced.

I didn’t get any holiday gifts this year.

Still, in the spirit of the season, I’m writing you this note.  I decided what you’ve done for me needs a proper, old-fashioned acknowledgement.

You might be surprised.  You might be asking yourself, Who’s writing me this letter?  Or thinking, I don’t remember giving a gift or doing anybody any favors!

Well, things might make a little more sense once you look around.  But I’ll give you a few hints here.

First off, thanks for not locking your front window.  It makes it so much easier to get inside while you’re away.

Thanks, also, for leaving your medications in a predictable upstairs cabinet.  You might have been saving those antibiotics for yourself or your kids, but I promise I’ll make good use of them — and the pain pills — over the next couple weeks.

Thanks for the blankets and woolen coats in your downstairs closet, and the suitcase to store them in.  The winds are bitter cold, especially at night, and I’m looking forward to feeling warm again.

Thanks for the generous supply of water and non-perishable food.  I took as many bottles and cans and sealed pouches as I could fit into your wheeled cart (also mine now).  Unfortunately, I didn’t leave many provisions for you and your family, but I’m thinking…wherever you got the supplies to begin with, you could try getting more from the same place, right?

As a way to repay your unsuspecting generosity, I’ve written this Thank You note to tell you what I did, and how I did it.  Maybe you’ll take better precautions in the future.



A Grateful Friend


P.S.  Don’t try to find me.  I also took your sharpest kitchen knives, along with the guns and ammo you thought you’d hidden so well behind the sweaters on the top shelf of your bedroom closet.