August 15

National Relaxation Day


Admit it.  The stress of the apocalypse is wearing you down.  You find it hard to sleep at night, and you have low energy during the day.

With all the death and destruction surrounding you, it’s no wonder if you feel a tad depressed.

Which is why it’s important to take a little “you” time now and then.  That’s what National Relaxation Day is all about.  Find something that makes you happy.  Allow yourself to indulge.

Here are some suggestions:

Take a long hot bath.  Hey, you’re having to heat the water anyway, to sterilize it of all the contaminants.  Why not pour it in a tub while it’s hot, then climb in for a good soak.  Soap and body gel are hard to find, but you could scrape off some of the grime using your fingernails.

Spend the day shopping.  Everybody enjoys finding a good bargain.  Of course, most people took advantage of the five-finger discounts during looting season, but some of the display pedestals are still in place, so you can imagine what lovely items used to be on sale.  Call it a kind of “broken-window shopping.”

Visit the local playground.  It always used to cheer you up to see those young smiling faces as kids played on the swings or the slide or the monkey bars.  You might feel a little sad knowing your own kid isn’t around anymore  — but could console yourself with the thought that, if she were here, she’d really miss all her friends.

Go for a jog through the park.  Running always was an effective form of exercise, and it’s also the recommended method for outpacing a hoard of slow-moving zombies.

Read a book.  We know you’d rather watch television or go to the movies — who wouldn’t?  Now that those options are, literally, out of the picture, why not find yourself a nice romance or mystery or some other page-turner.  Stay away from science fiction, though:  we already know how the future turns out, and it’s not pretty.