April 30

National Honesty Day

For as long as you can remember, we’ve been telling you that everything will be okay.

As parents, we smiled and told you that you can do anything you want to do, as long as you put your mind to it.

As teachers and mentors, we insisted you will be successful in your chosen profession.

As scientists, we presented statistics that indicate a stray asteroid won’t hit our planet. As medical professionals we predicted your health will always recover after slight setbacks, and reassured you that some natural or lab-induced virus won’t lead to an extinction-level outbreak.

As politicians, we told you we could monitor international conflicts, and that we could keep order in your cities.

As lovers and spouses and friends, we have insisted that you are beautiful in your own way. You are creative, possess great humor and intelligence, and you deserve to be happy.

And you come to us on National Honesty Day, insisting on truthful answers.

Here is our collective response, in two parts:

1) You don’t want the truth.

2) You already know it. You’ve always known it.