April 29

Tentacle Variation #1


Large tentacles reach from a fresh split in the ground.

“We have always been here inside your planet. We are just now making ourselves known.” There is nothing resembling a mouth on the hideous creature that emerges from the crevice, but its hellish voice echoes in your head. “There will be no debate. You must do as we command.”

The man next to you is crying. He takes their infant from his wife, holds the baby above his head, then walks forward. He lifts their child onto a hovering, outstretched tentacle that’s as thick as an airplane tire. The appendage curls, obscuring the baby, and the tentacle withdraws towards an opening in the giant’s fetid torso.

The grieving father steps back, hoping the creature has been appeased. Another set of tentacles rises from the crevice, and a second creature emerges. His wife turns her head as if someone has called her name.

“No,” the man screams, but he backs away instead of rushing to her side. Long, thick tentacles coil around her.

The earth shakes. Behind you, another rift appears, splitting a section of sidewalk and part of the road. Without waiting for a third giant creature to emerge, the man turns and walks blindly into the crevice.

Again, the alien voice echoes in your mind. “Follow,” it says, and you obey.