April 23

World Book and Copyright Day


The aroma of fresh-brewed coffee greets you as you step inside The EBB Store.  A soothing ocean-side ebb and flow plays through the sound system.

To fortify yourself for shopping, you get a large latte, and a generous slice of crumb cake.  You buy half a sandwich, too — although the sealed wedges are pre-made, they’re always tasty…especially the chicken salad with small chunks of apple and walnut.

The store is almost as big as a warehouse.  You’d be overwhelmed, except the aisles are clearly organized.  That, and you know your way around from many previous visits.

Today’s goal is a present for your nephew.  You hunt through the aisles of kids’ toys — plush animals, games and puzzles, candies in all colors and shapes.  There’s clothing, too, with logos for Aiden’s favorite sports team.  You’re not sure if you remember the boy’s size — he’s growing so fast! — but EBB has a generous return policy, so no worries there.  You place a few items in your shopping basket, satisfied with your choices.

Next , you select wrapping paper, and find a hilarious birthday card.

Now that the official business is through, it’s time to find a little present for yourself.  Some inexpensive bit of entertainment, or a glittery item from the jewelry counter.  Eventually, you decide on a cute figurine of a sleeping kitten  — very lifelike, and perfect for your curio shelf at home.

On the way out, you remember you need trash bags and saline solution, and pick up those items from the convenience aisle.

At the checkout counter, you pull out your Frequent Shopper card and give it to the clerk.  “I love shopping here at EBB,” you can’t resist saying.   “So much better than that other store that used to be here.”  Without success, you try to recall what items the previous store used to sell.  Oh well.  Must not have been that important.

The clerk rings up your items, and you insert your credit card in the payment slot.  The receipt runs and runs in a continuous strip of paper, which means you’ve earned a lot of coupons and reward points!  The store computer keeps track of things you like to buy, so the coupons are always good.

After tearing it off the register, the clerk has to fold the receipt multiple times before handing it to you.  You’ll need a long time to review the special offers on the printout.  Lines and lines of black type on white paper, a long stream of continuous words.

The printout reminds you of something.  What were they called?

Oh, yes.  Books.

That should have been easy to remember.  After all, it’s in the store’s name.

EBB.  Everything But Books.



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